08 April 2010

plants: Blue-Eyed Grass

Can't say enough about this beautiful volunteer blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium spp.) growing by the raised veggie bed, except that I hope it spreads. It's just so sweet.

The blue-eyed grasses are actually lilies, not grasses, and are native to the New World.

If you are looking for a laxative, the Wildflower Center entry for blue-eyed grass says that Amerindians used this plant for diarrhea and several animals use it as a laxative. I myself will continue to simply enjoy the dainty flowers from afar...


Caroline said...

Probably my very favorite wildflower of all time. Yes, even more than bluebonnets. I just love those little blue eyes.

Diana said...

Love the photo of it coming up in the crack by the fence board. There's something special about those dainty little wildflowers and their favorite craggy spaces, isn't there?