21 April 2010

garden: Where Did This Jungle Come From?

Texas betony

Gulf coast penstemon with yellow columbine in the background.



Birdwoman said...

Beautiful jungle! That penstemon is just glorious.

Kelly said...

Does your Mason bee box get much action? I keep thinking I should build one, but I don't know how active Mason bees are around these parts.

The flowers look amazing. Isn't this the best time of year?

ESP said...

Garden is looking great! Gulf coast penstemon is a new plant for me this year. I like it!
Great pictures by the way.

LindaCTG said...

Wow, what a beautiful jungle! I'll take fall rains any day.

Lancashire rose said...

it's a glorious cottage garden!

Lee said...

Kelly, The bee box works like a charm! Several different species of bees use the holes, which are of different sizes. The various sizes attract different species. And also parasites of those species, like cuckoo bees. I recommend building one.