15 March 2010

Shadows and Lines: Urbanity

Sometimes, the views from the garden expose the human element.

The electric lines that power the home.

The lights that illuminate the patio. Pecan trees are always the last to leaf out.

The roof over our heads.

The chimney for the water heater.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where you got the cool rectangular concrete pieces in the last photo? I really like those and want to do a walk way made with something similar. Thanks, Laura

Lee said...

These are actually limestone, not concrete. We love them too. Thanks for loving them back! We hired a firm called Dig It Gardens to cut and install these for us. It's called Sawn Patio Limestone at all the local stone suppliers. Since then, we've experimented with sawing ourselves, which is pretty easy with a masonry blade. These are layed on concrete, which I think is probably a good idea to prevent shifting. I've seen people get the same effect with concrete by making their own forms.