04 November 2009

Papel Picado

We were recently down in San Antonio for a couple of Dia de los Muertos celebrations, one of which was in Market Square.

I was inspired by the papel picado there, and have been enamored of these banners during previous visits to the city. Notably, last spring we walked around the King William district and many of the houses had papel picado on their porches, probably in preparation for Fiesta San Antonio week. It seemed so warm, fun and inviting to be there!

So, we picked up a strand of papel picado (actually, this is really "plastico" picado) and I've strung it up out back for the season. Papel picado is traditionally used for Dia de los Muertos, Christmas and Easter, so perhaps we'll keep this up through Christmas.

It certainly changes the feel back there and provides some splashes of color that'll be really great when things start turning wintery brown around here (when is that anyway? I love it here!).

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Pam/Digging said...

Festive! Kind of like the Tibetan prayer flags.