08 November 2009

Culinary sage hit by nymph-omaniacs

So, throughout this droughty summer and now into fall, I've been watching this shrub of culinary sage get holier and holier (and no, I do not mean closer to god).

Turns out that this grasshopper nymphs have been enjoying the hell out of that sage, which actually is ok, since I have another more flavorful plant that I use for cooking anyway (and they don't seem to care for that one or haven't found it anyway).

They are really quite beautiful, even though these little critters can be quite the scourge!

There are several new flower buds on this sage. Strange late fall happenings in these parts...


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Ento Mike said...

Aztec Spur-throat - Aidemona azteca

organic gardening said...

I love the high-resolution pics.