29 September 2009

Fall Purples and Yellows

The garden is being totally controlled by the appearance of purple and yellow blooming plants right now, and the effect is kind of cool. Not all of them are right next to each other, but when taking in the entire space, the repetition of the two colors is quite nice.

There's the esperanza or Texas yellow bells:

Gold lantana and Indigo spires sage:

Golden thyrallis and Indigo spires:

Gregg's blue mistflower (which is really quite purple) and tall goldenrod:

Mexican petunia, which is pretty invasive, but also quite pretty right now:

A yellow variety of tropical milkweed:

Society garlic backed-up by Mexican bush sage:

You know, with all my talk of natives, I must say that pretty much everything I've listed here is non-native. The only plants that are "native" are mistflower and the goldenrod, which are native to Texas, but not sure that their range is around here or not, and Texas is a big place. The Blackland is really different than the Chisos. Hmm. Food for thought.


Merrily said...

Beautiful flowers and color combinations. Sometimes you don't have to be a native to flourish or to fit in!

Pam/Digging said...

It's easy to slip into thinking of the well-adapted plants as natives since they grow so easily here. This is why being a purist isn't necessarily a good thing when it comes to gardening.

Bonnie said...

It's funny, I noticed that today as well. And they are so beautiful together. I have tried some Buttercream lantana to insert some soft yellow and really like that.

Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

Great combinations! The goldenrod just showed up in my east Austin garden, so it must think it's native.

Meredith said...

I try to focus on natives, but I'm not a purist either, and I'm willing to accept a few Texas-wide or American native plants. Some plants just have incredible wildlife benefits, so I give them a try. More than anything, it's invasives I try to avoid, as well as hybridized versions of the natives I want. That latter isn't always possible, though.

Nancy said...

with all the rain odd things have been springing up in my garden without me knowing they have ever been there. The golden lantana is lovely right now and I even like the horseherb. Maybe because we had nothing but crispy brown anything all summer. Loved your pictures.