12 July 2009

Hawkmoth Macro

Our digital point-and-shoot gave up the ghost a little while ago, so I recently bought a new one. This hawkmoth, which I believe is a female Amorpha juglandis, gave me the perfect opportunity to test out the macro function.

I give it a major thumb's up. Not only does this simple camera (Canon Powershot A1000IS) take great close-ups, it also has a nice focus feature so that not everything in the frame is in focus at one time.

The caterpillars of this hawkmoth feed on walnut, hop hornbeam, hickory, alder and beech, none of which we have many of in my neighborhood. So maybe its feeding on something else too (pecan?). Neat critter. She was mellow enough that I could pick her up with ease.


TexasDeb said...

Great shots. I am often subject to a sort of speciesism where I typically run to grab a shot of a colorful butterfly and ignore their dowdier (color wise anyway) cousins in the moth family.

The macro look is a good reminder of how fascinating the moths really are. Thanks for sharing.

ESP said...

Great shots of this amazing hawk moth, and your macro shots are great. Have fun with your new camera!