17 May 2009

Peach Garden Before and After

I stumbled across some old photos of the back garden, which I'm slowing dubbing the Peach Garden, because of the peach tree. It's so fulfilling to see how much its changed after all that labor and love!

The patio and beyond it, the Peach Garden, in March of 2007:

An intermediate, extremely barren, step in April 2007:

We since ditched the square pavers and bricks and opted for the more natural limestone paver path. The patio and Peach Garden in May 2009:

The amount of growth in the southern wax myrtles (at front left) and bay tree (at front right) is really astounding. The cedar fence has faded to a nice gray, too.

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TexasDeb said...

I love love love before and after shots. It is so striking the progress that occurs over the months. Thanks for sharing, and GOOD WORK!