06 March 2009

Grape Ape

This is a mountain laurel outside of my office. Three stories tall. One of the most amazing and beautiful trees I know.


Michelle said...

I am enjoying your blog (I even added you to my list of blogs I follow). I was just talking to mom earlier today about my Mountain Laurel and how much I love this tree!!! Mine is very small (only maybe 3 feet) but I have high hopes for this little beauty after looking at your picture!

Getting Dirty in Texas

Mary Beth said...

I visited the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix last week - and their Texas Mountain Laurel are in full bloom. I don't think it's as common there as it is in Austin - everyone who walked past, seemed to pause and read the plant label. I do think Austin is at it's prettiest in the spring when the Mountain Laurels are blooming.

east-side-patch said...

Wow, that is one hell of a Laurel.. (and Hardy)? I may have to use that for a future post title!

How old do you think this one is?
I have mine planted right up against my back deck and sitting on my back porch, the smell currently reminds me of when I was a kid. It is interesting, the mix of mountain laurel bloom and star jasmine (also blooming around the side of my house right now) creates a distinctive "sherbet" aroma...it does!

Lee said...

Hi Michelle! Glad you enjoy the blog. I only wish that I could update more than just once and a while.

My personal Mtn. laurels are pretty small too. They are slow growers, but worth the wait.

Lancashire rose said...

Spectacular! I rather hope mine don't get that big.

Lori said...

Wow, three stories?!! I had no idea they could get that big. I bet you can smell it half a block away.