17 February 2009

All My Buds (and Blooms)

Every day now I rush home to see what new things I can find happening in the garden. Spring = anticipation. And this year, I'm very happy to say that three trees that have never bloomed before have buds or very small blooms. None of the three will be lush with blossoms, but I'm now satisfied that they are on the way.

Sweet white Mexican plum blossoms

This redbud that I transplanted from the veggie garden (and massacred along the way) is already turning into a regular small tree. First buds it has ever had.

The mountain laurel in back has finally decided to bloom. Small clusters, but they'll be enjoyed by the pollinators no less.

Some other surprises around the garden on this gray rainy day...

Agarita is one of my favorite spiny natives, filled with yellow blooms.

This African aloe was a present from Pam at Digging. It's stalk of buds is amazing.

These violets have mostly been doing the cleistogamy thing, but they decided to bloom this year.

Not a beautiful picture, but these buds are strawberries to be. Yum.


Pam/Digging said...

I'm glad your young trees are blooming this year, Lee. Your agarita pics remind me that I simply must plant some in my new garden. And yea on the African aloe (not agave) blooms! That aloe is quite aggressive in my old garden, so watch out.

Lee said...

Oops! I knew that...brain fart.

Jennings said...

Hi, Lee,
I'm glad to find your site. I'm inspired by it to make my own on blogger and join the ranks. Are there any forums for Austin gardeners?
-Kelly, about 3 miles west of I-35 in north central Austin

Lee said...

Hi Kelly! Welcome. Well, there are lots of bloggers in the Austin area. I'd recommend checking out Pam's blog, Digging, for a full list. (I link to it in my sidebar.) There are annual garden blogger get togethers, and Pam is at the center of that...its quite a community!