24 November 2008

Muscle Man

Perhaps we were inspired by the artists strutting their stuff during this past weekend's E.A.S.T. Studio Tour or just plain inspired by the random objects laying around the yard and shed. Either way, John and I constructed this funny piece of unconsciously anthropomorphic yard art:

It's made from the PO's leftover weights, which I'd previously pilfered for a fountain. I've since dismantled the fountain and recreated a much better fountain (the Fountain of Weights didn't make enough noise for me). John was inspired to add the sticks and stones that break our bones. The topper comes from the Saluda Grade, a line of railroad track just outside of Saluda, North Carolina, that's the steepest mainline railroad grade in the U.S.

You used to be able to hear the sounds of those trains pushing the grade hitching a ride though the windows of my parent's old house on a magnolia scented breeze. That takes muscle, too.

For now, I deem this sculpture, the Muscle Man.Link


Anonymous said...

I rather like the name "Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones." However, it is more of a mouthful than Muscle Man.

Lee said...

I like that too! Let's call it that.

"Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones" it is.