14 August 2008

Coolest. Planters. Ever.

One person's trash is another's treasure...

I'm just returning from a trip to Coahuila, Mexico, where I visited a winery that had the most creative planters ever. The matriarch of the Vitali family, who recently passed away, turned lightbulbs and shoes into little plant holders. Really incredible.

In two recent trips to Mexico, I've noticed that people make use of everything. I've also seen an old car tire turned into a tree planter and four round cages of a tabletop fan clipped together to protect a new plant growing on a sidewalk. I love the recycling aspect of it all.


travis said...

those light bulb planters are pretty sweet.

Annie in Austin said...

Do people do the shoe thing in Austin, Lee? I think they're fun!

I planted succulents in Converse hightops in the mid-1990's, but the lightbulbs are new to me.

The bulb-planters do look kind of cute but unfortunate experiences with glass in the garden makes me bet they'll be a pain to clean up when they break.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Dang - this comment sounds like Mrs Cleaver just dropped in to warn Wally & the Beav to be careful with glass. Oh well. So be it. Be careful ;-]

Bob said...

My Mom planted stuff in wierd things as well. I was always drilling drain holes in things for her. I think that was why I bought my first Dremel tool. The coolest planter of her's, I think, was the glass brick. You could see all the roots inside the glass. But man drilling a hole in that thick glass was tough. Thanks for a good memory.