03 June 2008

Nature Mimics Art

When we were living in Wisconsin, my very good artist friend Stephanie made a painting for us featuring a native flower of the tallgrass prairie: grayhead coneflower, Ratibida pinnata. (I always called it yellow coneflower...). I had some planted in the front yard.

Since then, we've moved to Austin and a different kind of prairie, but Steph's painting still graces our wall. I love seeing it every day.

Now, nature is mimicking art, as I planted a few coneflower plants native to this area, great coneflower (Rudbeckia maxima), in the front yard. Just so happens that three of them were blooming recently.

If you're a flora-fanatic and looking for art, check out Miss Stephanie's work here. Fabulous.


Lancashire rose said...

I love your painting. The Mexican hats are certainly a tough plant. We have them on our septic field and this year they look great because they have had no rain. Last year they were like trees!

Roses and Lilacs said...

You have some lovely photos on your site. I surfed here from Mr McGregor's Daughter's site. Enjoyed seeing your garden.

stephanie said...

thanks for the shout out Lee!