18 February 2008

First Signs of Spring

I love the anticipation during this time of year. Every day I discover new buds growing larger and new leaves bursting from old winter stems and pushing up through brown leaves and mulch. I absolutely love watching it all unfold. Here are a few things happening around the garden + one thing happening down the street.

The first daffodil blooms. This is always seems like such a grandma plant to me (respect to all the grandmas out there), but springy nonetheless.

Prostrate rosemary blooms

Broccoli headed the way plants like to head - to seed. These are still yummy to eat, and there's just nothing like fresh broccoli from the garden.


A peach down on the reach that blooms long before mine in the backyard. I think it's the sun quotient.


Nancy said...

It's always exciting to watch the first signs of the new Spring coming.

Brianna said...

Hi there. I found your blog through Pam's site.

I love your photos today! Thanks for sharing them.

I also really dig the title of your journal--so perfect for Austin.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

What variety of daffodil is that? How many years have you grown it? And if this is the first, did you chill it before you planted it?

Lee said...

I've no idea the variety...They were here when we bought the house but they were in a far corner for no one to see. So this January I unceremoniously dug them up and threw them back in the ground where i could watch them. No chilling, no special treatment...nothing! In fact, I tried to plant them at the recommended depth for daffodils (4 inches, maybe?), but I even eye-balled that and got sloppy toward them end. I know bulbs can be picky, so it sounds like I should be happy they survived by brutish hands.