31 October 2007

Halloween Garden Day

It's been a while since I've been able to update the old Grackle--been a busy busy bee. So, this afternoon I took a few photos of what's going on. Unfortunately, the light's not great in the afternoon (best during the day now), so the photos leave a little to be desired, but...what the heck?

Mexican mint marigold (tastes like tarragon)

The flame acanthus finally decided to show off a few blooms

Meyer lemons - sweet and tart, yum!

A new fall aster plant in front of the agave

Honey bees love this huge dalea bush that was here when we moved in (Silver dalea?)

Note to Aunt Sherry: that spotted caterpillar on your parsley is more than likely a swallowtail of some kind (might even be a black swallowtail if they're in the area...)


toby said...

OOO OK since you have a Meyer Lemon too. I, for the life of me, can't get it to flower. I bring it in during our version of winter and put it back out in full sun in spring. It bloomed when I got it from Red Barn but hasn't done a thing since. Any ideas?

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Lee,

Like the pecans and wax myrtles we seem to grow a few other plants in common - my Meyer's Lemon has some nice yellow ones ready for cranberry relish and my Mexican Mint Marigold is in full bloom...but my Flame Acanthus is just sitting there with no flowers. Lucky you!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lee said...

Well, on the Meyer Lemon front: this is a new plant this year from the nursery, but it seems to have no problem blooming away anyway. I hear that all citrus needs a boat-load of nitrogen and I find that they need more water than most say they do (when they are in pots). We also have Mexican lime in a pot. I don't pull it in in the winter, just cover it on frosty days. That being said, the lime bloomed like a maniac this spring, but then got totally nailed by our Easter frost (I was a bad caretaker and didn't cover it). So we only have a few limes this year...

I'm thinking about moving the acanthas to someplace even sunnier - I think it need the sun to bloom, though it does seem to grow just fine in part-shade...