03 September 2007


So, I know it is B.A.D. to feed hummingbirds simple syrup made with white sugar, but what the hell? I stopped filling my hummingbird feeder after April, because I thought the birds were gone northward, but I decided to bring it back last week just for kicks. I have more hummers now than in the spring. Three of them in particular fight for my fake flower juice; one of them stakes out the feeder by sitting on a live oak branch. He swoops in and buzzes away interlopers to his territory, and all three of them swirling around is a sight. I believe these are all ruby-throated hummingbirds, but it's hard to tell the difference between those and the black-chinned.

The hummers are all over a neighbor's turk's cap, and I've seen them buzzing ours in the back yard as well. I vow to rid myself of the evil sugar monster feeder once I have a buttload of hummer-friendly plants growing in the yard. But until then, I just can't resists the little buggers.

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toby said...

I've seen more of those little feathered friends in my backyard in the past 2 months than I've seen in 3 years. Apparently my purple hull pea is a hit along with my trumpet honeysuckle. I have no idea where the surge has come from, but they're welcome to hang around!