05 September 2007


Crack! I awoke at 3 a.m. last night to the sound of our grand old pecan dismembering itself again. This time, a huge branch laden with pecans and probably 99.9% water is hanging precariously directly above and intertwined with our electric and cable/phone lines. Pecans are brittle beasts to begin with, but our excessive amounts of rain this summer have done two things: made the trees waterlogged and boosted their pecan crop. Both of these things are making pecan branches fall from the sky all around Austin like frogs in the bible (heck, I'm sure there are frogs falling in those trees too). Anyway, I wonder what sort of pecan nub we'll have left by the end of this monsoon season?? I wonder just how old our venerable pecan is? How many droughts and floods has the tree witnessed?

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