03 August 2007

Ginger Bud

Okay, I'll admit it: I was a little hasty last fall when I started pulling out all of these tropical looking plants in the back herb garden. They were taking over a bit and competing with the much-adored lavender. As I pulled them, I realized that they were ginger, something I'd never before seen in the green and growing form. So, I put the roots in pots and hoped I could turn them into potted plants. Well, that failed.

But thankfully, my evil spade missed some of the ginger in the garden (by the wall of the house).

Now, one of the plants is sending forth this amazing set of artichoke-looking flower buds. Actually, it's more like a pine cone. Well, either way, it's a Fibonacci sequence based beauty. Simply gorgeous. I wonder what the flowers will look like? How long they will last?


Tina said...

Has the artichoke-looking flower buds bloomed yet? That is the neatest bud ever! Please keep me posted.

Lee said...

Nothing yet, but I'll keep you posted!

Sharon said...

I was "googling" ginger buds because I have a similar bud thing coming up in my yard next to a ginger plant. The plant came from planting a ginger root bought several years ago at a grocery store that started to sprout. It had never made a flower before and it has been rather neglected this year.
I'm in Austin too! It's interesting that "googling" the world gets you back home sometimes.